The Government puts the Midlands firmly on the map with double strategy launch


In Summary

General | 23rd March 2017
The Government has recently unveiled two pioneering new strategies – the Midlands Engine Strategy and Midlands Connect Transport Strategy – both aimed at ramping up economic growth across the Midlands.

In Detail

All eyes were firmly on the Midlands this month (March) when the Government unveiled its Midlands Engine Strategy and Midlands Connect Transport Strategy.

Strategy 1: The Midlands Engine Strategy

The launch of the strategy comes a year after the Midlands Engine was formed in a bid to identify and encourage the best opportunities to boost regional economic growth for the benefit of Britain.

The strategy sets out what it believes the Midlands is capable of achieving across the region and how it will support the Midlands Engine to help make it happen.

“We have come together across a wider geography than has been attempted before - to deliver a collective view of what the Midlands can achieve. We are confident in our physical, economic, commercial and cultural assets - and in our people - and our potential to contribute more to the success of UK plc,” said Sir John Peace, Chair of the Midlands Engine.

“We believe that with the right investments in place, the Midlands can raise its performance to match global cities, like Singapore, Shanghai and New York. We can grow faster and generate more wealth, helping the government to create an economy that serves everyone well.”

Strategy 2: The Midlands Connect Transport Strategy

The Government also recently unveiled its Midlands Connect Transport Strategy alongside the Midlands Engine Strategy.

Designed to identify the key infrastructure investments that will spearhead economic growth across the Midlands, the strategy details key transport infrastructure projects that have been identified as having the capacity to unlock billions in untapped economic potential over the next 20 years.

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