Regeneration policies set to bring estimated £1.8 billion of investment to Sandwell


In Summary

General | 24th March 2022
Sandwell Council’s cabinet has approved corporate regeneration policies for 2022 to 2027 that could deliver up £1.8 billion of investment in the borough.

In Detail

Sandwell Council’s cabinet has approved corporate regeneration policies for 2022 to 2027 that could deliver up £1.8 billion of investment in the borough.

Sandwell Council will work with a wide range of partner organisations and businesses to build a healthier, wealthier and more sustainable Sandwell through the Regeneration Strategy for Sandwell, the Regeneration Pipeline and the Inclusive Recovery Action Plan for Business.

The adoption of the strategy, pipeline and recovery plan will give the council and its partners the clarity to deliver the vision for Sandwell over the next five years and bring the following benefits for the borough:

  • Estimated total investment of over £1.8 billion pounds by 2027.
  •  The delivery of over 4,300 new homes on major regeneration sites.
  •  More than £57m investment in ten education and skills facilities in the borough.
  •  Over 4,000 new learners/apprentices assisted.
  • £63m investment in new employment/commercial floorspace, creating or safeguarding in the borough.
  • A pipeline of 23 transport projects and investments.
  • Delivery of Towns Fund projects in West Bromwich, Smethwick and Rowley Regis, including approximately £14m town centre investment in West Bromwich for retail diversification and urban greening projects.
  •  A move towards a balance of investments across Sandwell’s six towns, including the delivery of new homes and commercial floorspace in Tipton; new transport connectivity schemes, new homes and education infrastructure in Oldbury; and new homes, a health centre and education infrastructure in Wednesbury.

Sandwell’s Regeneration Strategy will enable Sandwell Council to shape regeneration plans to meet the needs of local people and businesses, setting a path towards a higher quality of life for residents, more well-paid, fulfilling jobs and a wealthier borough.

The Regeneration Pipeline is a list of strategically important regeneration projects that the council, its partners and the private sector intend to deliver in Sandwell. It sets the infrastructure priorities for Sandwell Council and will also establish where resources will be focused.

The Inclusive Recovery Action Plan for Business sets out interventions that the council’s Business Growth Team will focus on to support Sandwell businesses and the local economy to recover from the Covid 19 pandemic.

Councillor Iqbal Padda, Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for regeneration and growth, said: “Sandwell Council’s regeneration policies – which we are working on closely with a range of partners, businesses and the local community – will set priorities that are right for the borough, scope opportunities, recognise local constraints and help to create the environment for inclusive growth.

“They will ensure that our workforce and young people are skilled and talented, geared up to respond to changing business needs and to win rewarding jobs in a growing economy, delivering on our vision of a healthier, wealthier and more sustainable Sandwell across all six towns.