Plans underway for this year's Black Country Business Festival


In Summary

General | 4th January 2019
Following the success of the inaugural event, the Black Country Business Festival (BCBF) is back for a second year from 13 to 24 May 2019.

In Detail

Following an overwhelming reaction from the Black Country to its first business festival, the dates for next year’s annual fortnight have been set as 13 May to 24 May 2019.

Established by the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, the Business Festival ran for the first time from 23 April to 4 May. Over 100 business events of all sizes and descriptions took place during the fortnight, attended by more than 4,200 people.

This year's exciting fortnight for business will once again be open to applications to run an event in the Festival. Anyone can apply to run an event in the Festival and this can take any shape from a conference, seminar, premises tour or expo to a workshop, product demonstration, showcase, or debate.

All events should look to share knowledge and showcase why the region is leading the way in innovation, commerce and culture.

Corin Crane, chief executive of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce (pictured above, centre) said, “The Business Festival is a once-a-year opportunity for the region to come together to engage, share best practice and collaborate on a completely new level. There are many ways to get involved. As well as sponsoring or partnering, we are also looking for venues and businesses to offer their room space for free to other event organisers and in doing so, will benefit from the promotional opportunities.

“I would encourage anyone thinking of running an event who is not particularly familiar with the Business Festival or hasn’t ever organised an event before to attend the workshop on 4 December to learn more about how to run an event in the Festival.

“We want as many businesses to get behind the Festival as possible, so as a region, we can collectively showcase the best of the Black Country to the rest of the world. This is going to be a national event, based in the Black Country and I couldn’t be prouder that the Chamber are fronting it on behalf of Black Country Businesses”.

The Festival is mainly financed through sponsorship. Sponsoring or partnering the Festival tends to bring untold exposure not only locally and regionally, but also on a wider, national level. A number of opportunities are still available - see here >>

To find out more about sponsorship or for more information, visit, email or call 01902 912304.