The Impact of Cyber on Sustainability and Competitiveness in Manufacturing Supply Chains

21st February 2024 17:00 to 21:00 Free


Are you in the manufacturing or supply chain sector? Join Midlands Cyber for an exclusive evening with talks from technical and commercial experts on how embedding cyber security can be a gateway to fuel commercial sustainability, drive competitiveness and ensure the future security of your manufacturing supply chain.

We are working in partnership with the UK’s lead Manufacturing Technology Centre, which provides advancements to the manufacturing sector including digital transformation, helping businesses adopt emerging technologies and driving economic growth through innovation.

Hear from:

  • Richard Rutte, Technical Specialist Digital Manufacturing at the Manufacturing Technology Centre
  • Adrian Fern, Co-founder and CTO at Prizsm

We will also have a small group of exhibitors who will be present to provide their specialism as part of the security by design challenge and discuss applications.

Ensure your production and processes are cyber resilient for the future by attending our event, which includes insightful talks and networking as a vital opportunity to change culture and mindset for the future of “Security By Design SbDe”.

So if you’re involved in the security of your supply chain infrastructure and looking to grow your sustainable and competitive footprint, then see how cyber security can assist you in securing future success.

Don't miss out! Book your place today to have the chance to hear from these industry experts and receive insightful support for the future growth of your organisation.

This event is free.

Location: The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Ansty Park, Coventry, UK


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